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Over the Rainbow Kite Festival

By Christy Angie, 01/04/17, 4:50PM EST


June 10, 2017 from 11am-3pm

June 10, 2017


Bring the whole family out for a soaring good time at Victory Park Ohio's second annual Over the Rainbow Kite Festival, benefiting UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.
Bring your own kite or purchase one to color at the all day Kite Coloring Workshops ($5 each or 3 for $10).
Demonstrations and workshops will be conducted by members of the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites (O.S.E.K.).
There will be concessions, kite and miscellaneous vendors and several activities to watch or participate in throughout the day.
ADMISSION: FREE for the whole family
PARKING: $5.00 per car


SCHEDULE Includes:

Open with Mass Ascension of Patriotic Kites

Stunt Kite Demos

Children's Kite Coloring & Free Fly

Wind Sprints (fun event for children of all ages - the kite does the sprinting!)

Candy Drop

Fighter Kite Demo Battles

Stunt Kite (Dual & Quad Line) Demos, Special Guests to be announced – The Grand Finale!




The Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites was founded in 1977 by a group of kite enthusiasts.  Their main purpose is to encourage new kite flyers, share ideas, knowledge, experience, building and flying tips, and to have fun. Members range from eight to eighty-five. Anyone who enjoys the magic of kites is welcome to fly with O.S.E.K whether you are a member or not.   Members of O.S.E.K. live in Columbus, Wooster, Medina, Youngstown, Mentor, Solon, Cleveland, Akron, Massillon, Canton, and small towns between!   O.S.E.K. members have competed and participated in kiting on local, national, and even international levels.  We are excited to have members of O.S.E.K participate in this event!

A portion of the proceeds from Over the Rainbow Kite Festival benefits:


How to Fly a Kite:

Pick a flying field that is open- no trees or buildings near-by, and away from power lines.  Stand so the wind is blowing against your back and hold your kite in front of you. The wind will blow into the kite and push away from you as you let out your flying line.

Courtesy and Field Safety Mean Following a Few Rules:              
  1. Observe courtesy to others on the field. Be careful where your kite lines are on the ground, and do not leave a kite staked off unattended.
  2. Never fly kites near power lines, during thunderstorms, or over or near highways. 
  3.  Observe any special areas designated for sport kites, demonstrations or buggies.                    
  4. If you are a spectator, be careful not to walk across a field under flying sport kites... you could get hurt! Keep an eye to the ground as well, so you don’t trip over laid out lines. Walk safely behind the kite flyer.                                                      

For Vendor Inquiries or questions about this event, Please contact:

Christy Angie

Christy Angie

Marketing Communications Manager

Phone: 440.954.8703